Recent moves by the Labor government quash any future of a rail line from Manningham to Melbourne’s CBD. Manningham is the only municipality in metropolitan Melbourne that relies solely on buses for public transport.

The residents have been fighting for Doncaster Rail for over 100 years, will it take 100 years more for the Labor and Liberal governments to see the light?



» We know a Doncaster Rail line will bust traffic congestion and bring greater visitation to our thriving area.

» Doncaster Rail will make public transport a real option that benefits thousands of Manningham residents and tourists.

» We’ve been promised Doncaster Rail for more than 100 years and we need it now.


Doncaster Rail’s only real obstacle is the lack of political will to deliver the infrastructure.

The 2012 PTV Network Development Plan recognised that, “in the medium-to-long-term, buses will not be able to cater sufficiently to the demand for public transport between Doncaster and the CBD”.

Feasibility studies say it’s needed and the route planning is completed. What are they waiting for?


Work on Doncaster Rail needs to start as soon as possible.

It’s now time to develop detailed engineering designs. Starting this work cannot wait until the 2026 completion of the Melbourne Rail Link – this just gives the old parties an excuse to keep putting it off.

Congestion on the Eastern Freeway is legendary, particularly at the Chandler Highway exits and at the Alexandra Parade end of the freeway. I challenge anyone who uses the Eastern Freeway to drive along it at peak hour and look at the generous railway reservation down the middle without imagining themselves being carried along by a train and reading the newspaper rather than gripping the steering wheel.

Samantha Dunn MP



In 15 years, it’s predicted that around 7 million more people could visit Manningham annually.

Doncaster Rail would open up increased tourism and spending for Manningham and the East.

Fast, efficient, reliable public transport is critical to our economic future. And Doncaster Rail will create jobs – in Manningham and the wider region.


Public transport is one of the easiest ways to reduce our state’s carbon footprint. For every Doncaster Rail train, 800 cars could be removed from our freeways.

The result? Seriously lower emissions and reduced traffic congestion.


Better public transport access changes people’s lives. It promotes equality and community. It gives people greater access to services and opportunities. It enables more people to get in and out of the CBD quickly and efficiently … together.

To Premier Daniel Andrews

We strongly oppose the plans to build any infrastructure that permanently ends any chance of the construction of the Doncaster Rail Line for the people of Manningham. The construction of the Doncaster Rail Line would reduce traffic congestion, and improve liveability and employment opportunities, as well as safeguarding the future of our environment. A century is far too long to wait for this much needed infrastructure.

We call on the Victorian government to:

Recognise that there is a great need and desire for the Doncaster Rail Line as Manningham’s population continues to grow.

Commit to future proofing the Eastern Freeway’s median strip and retain Doncaster Rail as a viable option.

Commence detailed design engineering plans for Doncaster Rail as a part of the Melbourne Metro 2 project.

more visitors in the next 15 years

cars off the road per train

years we've been waiting